Talk @ SOUPS'23

Happy to announce that I’ll be attending SOUPS'23 and USENIX'23. If you see me anywhere, feel free to say Hi, I’m excited to meet everybody! :)

I’ll also present my first first authored paper “Would You Give the Same Priority to the Bank and a Game? I Do Not!” Exploring Credential Management Strategies and Obstacles during Password Manager Setup, a joint work with Sandra Höltervennhoff, Nicolas Huaman, Yasemin Acar, and Sascha Fahl. The talk is in the second session of SOUPS, which will happen on Monday the 7th at 11 AM.

In this talk, I present our results of a mixed-methods study to examine the user experience of initial password manager setup, i.e., which helpful features to add passwords and increase security users encounter, what strategies they employ and which obstacles they face. We also present some recommendations for password manager vendors to ease the process and help users add and update passwords to increase security further.

If you’re interested in details, feel free to check out the accompanying website.

Furthermore, you can meet me at the SOUPS poster session. I’ll present our PETS'23 paper on usage of third-party services within websites.

See you in Anaheim!