Poster Presentation @ S&P'22

Hi everybody! I will be presenting our work “They would do better if they worked together: The case of interaction problems between password managers and websites” as part of the in-person poster session at IEEE S&P'22. Our work received the Best Student Paper award in 2021, so we’re delighted to be able to present it in person this year!

In this work, we examined how well password managers and websites work together, and what issues may arise on both ends. We first evaluated both end user and developer feedback regarding popular password managers to identify potential issues, then reimplemented them into a set of minial working examples. We then installed 15 popular password managers and tested for ourselves if they struggled with these issues, finding that a lot of them do, and that much more work regarding web standards is required. You can test the use cases for yourself here, and read the paper on our website.

If you’re interested in the paper or just wish to say hi, I’m looking forward to meeting you during this years poster Session on May 23rd from 5:30 to 7:30PM! :)